What is event blogging and How can I start event blogging and earn money?

What is event blogging and How can I start event blogging and earn money?
What is event blogging?

Before Event Blogging first know What is blogging?

Blogging is the best way to make money online you can show an advertisement on your blog post initially, Blogging it comes the name was weblog and it's nothing more than just a platform on the internet where you can post an article that might be a text, image, or video or anything your own choice that you can update regularly on the internet. this can be both personal or business purposes. the concern behind blogging is to convince the reader.

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What is event blogging?

A Blog which made to targe a single date, a week a month for receiving a huge number of traffic which can be then converted in millions of dollars. that you can earn by just sitting at your home. event blogging is "micro-niche blogging” blogging where anyone can create a post content for a specific event such as Diwali, Holi, New Year, Christmas, etc..

Event blogging can say in forms of cultural, national, religious, and international holidays. take an example of Diwali, Holi, New Year, Christmas that are a short team of events, there is long term even also there like IPL, Big Boss Seasons that goes a couple of the week. such type of blog is known as event blogging.

Make sure the blog must cover the basics of the event

  • What the event is about.
  • The location and time of the event.
  • The people are interested in the event.
  • How your readers can enjoy it.

Event blogging is also called Micro-Blogging and it involves a series of steps that you have to keep in mind. the first and initial step is choosing an event, you can choose an event that is searching high on the internet for the time being or who is highly search. it can any festival like Deepavali, Holi, Chrismas, New Year, Rakshabandhan, or it can be some sports activity like IPL, Commonwealth Game, FIFA Foot world cup, Cricket Worldcup or it can any Bollywood hot gossip or live concert and so on.

Content writing for Event Blogging.

The next steps in Event blogging are Content writing, so content should be regarding an event that you have selected, Make sure the content should be unique and there no world limit on the internet, it can be a short content or long content quote shout 5 -100 content 

What needs to start Event blogging?

start an Event blogging you need to create a blog on blogger, WordPress, Wix, or any of on medium, and need one domain name from GoDaddy, Bigrock, or Name cheap, Domain should like related to your Event blogging or that includes a keyword of your blogging event.

We have to write content on the post including the keyword that you have to go right about. the amount of money you will earn it depends upon the quality of content that you have written.

Now the content writing part the content should be regarding the event you have selected make sure the content should be unique and there no word limit but the quality of content should be kept in mind.

  • Find Event To Target
  • Start Working Before Two Or Three Months
  • Good Hosting For Your Event Blogs
  • Keyword Research
  • Promote Your Event Blogs
  • Use of Add Networks
  • Keep Your always Blog Updated

How to Promote your Event blogging?

For promoting blogging you should do the quality backlinks do follow backlink make sure you do not follow wrong backlinks or you will suffer Google penalty. promotion of blogs can be done by SEO, which is Seach Engine Optimization. there are two methods of SEO is On-page Seo or Off-Page Seo.

SEO Tips for Event blogging?

On-Page SEO - In On-Page SEO we can make your webpage content and make Tags according to the search engine 

Off-Page SEO - In Off-Page SEO do not need changes in a web page but we do som off-page activity like directory submission and link building 

  • What is on-page SEO and What are the best techniques for on-page SEO

How to earn money through Event blogging?

There are many ways to earn money through event blogging like AdSense, Affiliate marketing, or AdSense alternatives like Yahoo publisher, click bank, bid advertiser, and many more.

Blogging is the best way to make money online you can show an advertisement on your blog post and make money by just setting back at you home, you can find many more advertisement who provide ad network. make sure you do not use too many advisers as it makes look ugly. we can prefer Google AdSense for Event blogging as compared to affiliate marketing. 

Which is the best Advertisement for Event blogging?

Google is a popular and reputed brand AdSense is one of the products and best add program on Google and has the best monetization on Google.

Benefits of Adsense are it's reliable or Google and many people are earning money by setting back at home through Google Adsense. People who visit your sites click on those ads that are visible on your post. and on clicking you earn money and some of the parts go to Google.

So in this article you can find your answer related What is event blogging? And how can I do it?Which is better, event blogging or normal blogging?How can I start event blogging and earn money?What is blogging? What is its use?Which is best blogging platform for an event blog?How much did you earn from the event blogging?

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