ChatGPT ‘read aloud’ features : ChatGPT can now read responses to you, Check How?

OpenAI has rolled out a new “read aloud” feature for its popular artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT. The AI will now read its responses to you, with five different voices to pick from. It will read its own responses on both the web and Android and iOS apps, can be accessed by tapping and holding ChatGPT’s text response and then choosing “Read Aloud.

ChatGPT can now ‘read aloud’ its responses
ChatGPT can now ‘read aloud’ its responses
  • OpenAI Introduces Read-Aloud Feature for ChatGPT:
    • Allows ChatGPT to read out responses in five voices.
    • Available on web, iOS, and Android versions.
    • Free for all users, including GPT 3.5 users.
  • Benefits of Read-Aloud Feature:
    • Convenient for users on the go.
    • Available in 37 languages.
    • Automatically detects conversation language.
    • Option to set ChatGPT to always respond verbally.
  • Accessibility for All Users:
    • Not limited to premium users.
    • Free for GPT 3.5 users as well.
  • How to Use the Read-Aloud Feature:
    • On the Web:
      • Tap the “read aloud” speaker icon below any message.
      • Change voice by accessing settings.
    • On Mobile:
      • Tap and hold the text, select “Read Aloud.”
      • Control playback with pause, fast forward, or rewind options.
      • Change speaker by accessing settings.
  • Steps to Use the Feature:
    1. Open ChatGPT on your browser or mobile device.
    2. Enter a text prompt in your preferred language.
    3. Wait for ChatGPT’s response.
    4. Tap and hold the response, then select “Read Aloud.”
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