OpenAI develop a search engine to rival Google, Check Report!

OpenAI is reportedly developing a search app that would directly compete with Google Search, according to The Information on Wednesday. Current AI-enabled search engines from Google and Perplexity answer your questions with a clear AI-generated answer, usually in one to two sentences. The creator of the popular generative AI tool ChatGPT may be working on a search engine to try and compete with Google. check how they can compete with Google search engine.

OpenAI develop a search engine to rival Google
  • OpenAI, with backing from Microsoft, is developing an AI-powered search engine to challenge Google.
  • OpenAI was initially seen as leading in AI, but Google caught up with its chatbot Bard (now Gemini).
  • Microsoft integrated OpenAI tech into Bing, but Bing’s market share hasn’t significantly changed.
  • Google’s default status across browsers and devices gives it an edge.
  • OpenAI loses money on each query, and it’s unclear if ads can cover the costs.
  • Chatbots like OpenAI’s may face regulatory scrutiny due to unclear ad disclosures.
  • Microsoft’s previous conversational search product didn’t dent Google’s market share.
  • Google’s antitrust lawsuit could allow users to choose their default search engine, but Google’s brand dominance might not shift market dynamics.

FAQIs Open AI better than Google Search?

Is AI better than Google?

  • Google Search is one application of AI, but AI encompasses a much broader range of technologies and fields of study.
  • Google Search uses specific algorithms and techniques tailored to provide relevant search results.
  • AI encompasses various algorithms and methods that can be applied to multiple tasks.

Is Google controlled by AI?

  • A majority of Google’s products and services use Google AI research.
  • Much of the technology emerging from Google AI research is incorporated into Google products, such as Google Search and Google Translate.
  • Many Google products using Google AI come already downloaded on Android phones, such as Google Maps.

Does ChatGPT use Google Search?

  • ChatGPT and Google search engines are different technologies serving different processes.
  • While ChatGPT generates conversational texts, Google searches the Internet to provide relevant results.
  • ChatGPT uses deep learning and a transformer architecture to generate human-like responses to user prompts.

Does Amazon use AI?

  • Amazon uses generative AI in various ways to enhance customer experiences.
  • From Alexa to ‘Thursday Night Football,’ Amazon is using generative AI as a powerful tool to innovate.
  • Generative AI is helping Amazon innovate for customers and make their lives easier.
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